Manifest The Life YOU Desire Through Spiritual Guidance 

Little Miss Manifest


Welcome to Little Miss Manifest! My name is Sian I am a International Psychic and a Master Reiki Energy Healer who helps Ladies and Gents of today manifest the life they desire through Angelic Spiritual Guidance.

Sian first discovered the power of Manifesting and Angelic help and support after suffering a breakdown and living with severe depression. It was during her recovery she discovered The Law Of Attraction from various books and YouTubers, she was introduced to the power and guidance of the Archangels during frequent meditation sessions where she formed a solid special connection with her Angels and Guides who helped her recovery ten fold and continue to do so. Since purchasing her first Oracle Card deck she has never looked back! Sian developed her spiritual gifts by offering Tarot & Oracle Readings whilst living her dream in Turkey, channelling messages to support, guide and inspire her clients and in return received outstanding reviews! Since moving back to England Sian has been attuned as Angelic Reiki Master which she swears by, and has since been offering spiritual readings to her clients locally in Cheshire and around the world with thanks to the internet.

Sian- Little Miss Manifest

'I was in a really dark place when I discovered Angels and The Law of Attraction. I used to go to meditation groups to help me sleep at night and that's where I formed a solid connection with my Angels and Guides to help me through my recovery. I honestly don't know where I would be now! I knew I had psychic gifts since I was little but life gets in the way of life especially growing up- Being a Psychic or 'fortune teller' wasn't on the list of approved careers at school so I got a job in I.T!! Little did I know those dark days were my awakening! I began to see things in cards I used and quickly started to give readings where the feedback was amazing! I attended classes and  courses taught by some of the worlds best spiritual teachers. I then applied The Law of Attraction to my daily routines and I quickly started to Manifest things such as phones, cars and eventually I manifested my dream of living abroad with help from my Angels and Spirit Guides. Since moving back to England I wanted to give back and help others who are going through difficult times- Reiki really helped me on my recovery journey so I was attuned to Angelic Reiki Master to offer healing that would bring calm, clarity, balance, pure energy to those that need it including animals! That's how Little Miss Manifest started! I offer online psychic readings, healing sessions and 1:1 Law of Attraction Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions worldwide'-