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Past Life Healing In The Here & Now

Posted on 13 September, 2017 at 7:55
I became a Angelic Reiki Practitioner in June 2017 and to say it has changed my life is an understatement, Angelic Reiki is a healing treatment where I connect with the Angelic Realms to become a bridge to provide healing through me to you. This treatment is amazing is you are feeling out of sync, stressed, have a physical injury or are in simple need of relaxation and balance. There is an element of Past Life Healing which before I attended the workshop, I had only heard of Past Life Regression, Akashic Records and didn't really think much of it because I teach and tell my clients to focus on the here and now to make a better future, little did I know that what lessons we didn't learn or heal in our previous lifetimes we bring into this life time. Self fear, guilt, doubt, unresolved relationships are just some of the feelings and characteristics we can carry over from our past dimensions and lives. It makes sense because in my last blog post I mentioned about a difficult 6 months and it only came to light of why and the place of fear I was acting from when making decisions or the choices I chose when out of alignment and in a space of self doubt. I found at the Angelic Reiki Workshop how to enter clients past lives and provide healing. In my past lives I noticed I had been persecuted, prisoned, my twin flame and I both saw each other pass away in different lifetimes, all these areas needed healing and that's what I did I used my skills to heal. I could finally see where different traits had come from, why I recognise certain people who come into my life now but I have had no contact with previously- Only in another dimension or previous life. Past life healing has helped my clients and recognise the missing pieces of jigsaws, gain clarity and answer the why's and how's. This is not Past Life Regression its Past Life Healing where you are overcoming those lessons and bringing emotions, situations and relationships to a healthy close to finally concentrate on the new, here and now and the future. Its healing those fears and doubts you have now. Amazing experience and its all through The Angels and their magical amazing healing abilities through me to you. Schedule a past life/ multi dimensional healing session here:

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