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Magical Animal Healing


Is your pet/ horse/ livestock a little down? In recovery after an operation? In new surroundings such as being re- homed, or in new company with other animals and is unsettled? As a Angelic Reiki Master Im excited to announce my new remote healing service especially aimed at your fur babies. Animals are more aware of energy and it effects them too. Just like you & I, animals can become unbalanced and they show it through the way they react to people, surroundings and other animals. Some of us can look at our pets and just know that something maybe off balance no matter how many cuddles we give them! Magical Animal Healing is where I connect to your pet through photograph or in person if you live in the Cheshire area and become a bridge which connects the Angelic Kingdom of Light through me to your pet providing healing to regain energy balance, support and healing for your pet. I arrange a time and appointment with you so you are fully aware of when healing will be sent. I will then provide you with details of what I and your pet experienced during the healing session. Cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, hamsters and birds can all benefit from this service. A full photograph will be required on order. If you are a vet, farmer or an Equestrian in the Crewe, Cheshire Area please send me a message using the contact form or Email [email protected]

Please send a clear face on picture of the animal thats receiving healing to [email protected] after payment has been sent. Please state your name & the animals name ...

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